What our clients think of us

I plucked up the courage to contact Christopher and immediately I found someone I could connect with, someone whom I could trust implicitly and confidently. I found in Christopher a real humility, yet a quiet confidence of purpose that enabled me to reach the necessary growth I needed. His gift of being natural and easy in communicating ideas and goalshelped meon a positive sense of journey... leaving a dark enclosed world to a freer and lighter way of living with myself.

Christopher's gentleness of direction was a great enlightener to me, giving me a greater understanding of my own strengths and weaknesses, giving me a greater confidence in myself.

I was pretty scared about starting therapy but things had got much more difficult and I felt under attack by my thoughts. Chris helped me to view things in a different way. I feel much more grounded now ā€“ Iā€™m no longer attacked by my thoughts ā€“ they make sense.

I came to sessions with Christopher as I was lacking confidence in every area of my life. I was also drinking most nights. I felt lonely and isolated, yet my view of myself was preventing me from making the changes I needed. Thank you for helping me to belief in myself and to be gentle with myself too.

Before I started sessions with Chris, I had never really considered the idea of being kind to myself. Through therapy, I began to see how I had become my own bully. Over our sessions, I learnt how my inner bully had developed and eventually, I was ready to let go.