About Us

We aim to provide an evidence-based and psychologically informed private therapy service to those in need of psychotherapeutic support.

Dr Christopher Lloyd BSc (Hons) MBPsS PGCert (Theo) DProf MBACP CPsychol is the clinical director of Just Thinking.

He is a chartered psychologist with the British Psychological Society (BPS) as well as a registered psychotherapist with the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP).

He is an academic author in the area of psychotherapeutic theory and practice, having published a number of academic papers in international peer-reviewed journals. He holds a doctoral qualification in psychology.


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Christopher Lloyd BSc

Our Ethos and Praxis

We aim to offer a safe and affirming space where you can make sense of your difficulties, so as to help you get unstuck and importantly, to move forward towards positive change. Our work together is orientated to generating a greater understanding of your difficulties and to increase compassion for yourself.

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About Christopher Lloyd

Christopher has been engaged in the field of psychology for over 10 years. Apart from his clinical practice, he is engaged in research and thus in generating new psychological knowledge for wider use in teaching and therapy, by other professionals. In the consultation room, Christopher brings a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise, but also the opportunity for a deep and authentic human connection, which his clients find very rewarding and meaningful and enables a positive therapeutic relationship to form.

Christopher is trained in various therapeutic modalities which allows him to structure and adapt the work depending on what the client needs, without being confined by the limits of only one particular therapeutic approach or school of thought. As a psychologist, he firmly believes that everyone can go through periods where things seem overwhelming, confusing or muddled. It may be that life has become difficult only very recently or that you’ve realised you have been struggling to cope over the longer term. Nevertheless, taking the time to engage with therapy can be useful not only in addressing current difficulties or problems but also in enriching our lives and in clarifying direction.

Christopher understands that coming to therapy can seem like a daunting experience and it is understandable to may feel anxious or unsure. His style is very much warm and empathic and he aims to make your sessions a relaxed, safe and welcoming space where you can talk about your difficulties in confidence and to move forwards, towards new and valued directions, that are meaningful to you. Christopher practices both short-term and longer-term therapy.

Please note, we are not able to offer emergency or crisis services.

Research, Media & Consultancy

As a private psychology practice, we believe academic and clinical research offers the best foundation for advancing clinical practice and care. We are regularly engaged in academic research, having published our findings in international peer-reviewed academic  journals. Please contact us, if you’re interested in collaborating.

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  • Demon? Disorder? Or none of the above? A survey of the attitudes and experiences of evangelical Christians with mental distress


  • Goal Measures for Psychotherapy: A systematic review of self‐report, idiographic instruments


  • Authenticity, validation and sexualisation on Grindr: an analysis of trans women’s accounts